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Our Story

Quality Breeding Since 1992 The Bengal Cat is a cross between a domestic queen and the wild asian leopard cat . They are a most exciting breed of domestic cat and they are bred to resemble their wild ancestors, yet have a loving, friendly disposition equal to any other domestic cat. 


Continuing the excellence started by my parents in England. My parents Geoff and Betty Ward, established the Bengal Cat Club Of Great Britain. We are Chris and Sharon Winchester and we live in Pearcedale near Mornington, Victoria. We raise a few sheep and we breed and show Bengal Cats under the BENGAL AUST prefix.

I (Chris) have a Military background having served in the British Army and with The Australian Special Forces. I also spent 12 years with Community Services when I decided to continue the tradition started by my parents Geoff & Betty Ward who established the Bengal Cat Club of Great Britain.Two of our Bengals have been bred by Jean Mill who started the Bengal Breed.

We established Bengals Australia as a registered business and we export our kittens all over the world. We have established breeding lines which are healthy and which produce many show-quality cats. We are enjoying a successful show career with CCC of A titles and FCCVic titles being awarded to our cats.