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Bengal Kittens Available Now

We currently have the following kittens available to the very best of homes. 

If you're interested in providing a loving home to one of these babies please complete our kitten reservation form or contact us for further information.
(Be sure to check out the footage of them playing at the bottom of the page!)

 Dam:Tijah Jahan

Sire:winchester Jungle boy

DOB 18/01/2018

This is a stud boy selling to registered Breeders with No restrictions on what they sell from himstud.jpg

DOB 21 Feb 2018 Boys ready 2nd May Girls ready 16th May img-1577-brown.jpg




 Silver spotted D.O.B 16/March 2018 Boys ready 25th May Girls ready 8Th June   

img-1579-browns.jpg    .


 DOB : 14 March Boys 23 May Girls 6th June

 img-1590-002-.jpgimg-1591-002-.jpgimg-1592-002-.jpgDAM:Bengals Aust SANTU Sire; Jungle Paws ASLAN DOB;

16 /3 / 18 Boys ready 25th May girls 8th June





 Dam; Sharifa Sire; Jungleboy   DOB 14 March  Boys 23 May Girls 6th June

 img-1599-002-jan-cox.jpgJan Coximg-1600-002-.jpgimg-1603-002-.jpgimg-1604-002-.jpgimg-1606-002-.jpg Dam Bengals Aust Suji Sire; Jungle Paws ASLAN   

DOB; 18/4/18 Boys 22rd June 6 July














 Links www.bengalkittens.com